CMMC Compliance Dashboard: Gain New Visibility into Compliance

By Kristen Morales • April 20, 2021

CMMC is not a compliance framework. It’s a maturity model. That has big implications for how you approach compliance, but also how you keep track of all the elements that make up compliance.

And yet, visibility has been one of the most difficult challenges facing DIB contractors. It used to be that you would have to buy a service from a separate vendor to have any visibility at all into your compliance status, inventory of DFARS compliance artifacts and evidence, and your documented System Security Plan (SSP).

Even with those services, the best many contractors could do was to get a static report around a specific snapshot in time. The value of a report quickly fades in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape, not to mention a dynamic compliance environment. As POAMs evolve and you meet milestones, that report from the past can no longer tell you where you stand.

The dashboards that have existed to date all come with some assembly required. They would act more like containers with placeholders for asset management and other controls, leaving customers to cobble together a dashboard themselves.

It’s time for a real dashboard. This is why CyberSheath has added the first-ever CMMC Compliance-as-a-Service dashboard to its CMMC Managed Services.

A True CMMC Compliance Dashboard for Unparalleled Visibility

Available to customers regardless of previous or future technology selections, CyberSheath’s CMMC dashboard gives comprehensive visibility into every aspect of compliance and is continually updated so you can see at a glance, at any time, where you stand.

The dashboard offers up-to-the-minute visibility into your:

  • Current compliance status
  • Inventory of DFARS compliance artifacts and evidence
  • Security threat landscape and incident levels
  • Current version and documentation of your SSP
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Performance of your CMMC enclaves or regimes

It not only confirms your compliance status, but evolves and expands with your business as you need to meet new maturity levels. It also holds us accountable against the SLA we’re on contract for by showing you exactly where you stand with respect to CMMC requirements so there’s never a question of whether you’re eligible for DoD contracts. The dashboard gives you everything you need to know about your CMMC compliance status.

CyberSheath CMMC Compliance Dashboard

CyberSheath built the CMMC Compliance Dashboard leveraging the technology of the world’s leading companies including:

  • Microsoft Azure NIST & CMMC Blueprints
  • Microsoft Azure CMMC Workbooks
  • Microsoft Sentinel SOAR & Correlation engines

It also benefits from unique integrations such as compliance landscape updates.

It’s not enough to simply achieve compliance. As a maturity model, CMMC requires a new level of visibility. Learn more about CyberSheath’s CMMC Managed Services and how our dashboard helps contractors stay up to date on their CMMC compliance status, the current threat landscape, and their CMMCEnclave performance.

Need Help?

As your organization moves to become compliant with any level of CMMC, challenges can arise. CMMC compliance requires documented, integrated and evidence-based Cybersecurity, IT, and Governance – all of which is addressed in our recently enhanced CMMC Managed ServicesContact us to meet with a CyberSheath expert today to learn how we can help bring order to the chaos of achieving CMMC compliance.

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