Dr. Robert Spalding to Address Nation-State Attacks at CMMC Con 2021

By Kristen Morales • June 9, 2021

Since the inaugural CMMC Con, we’ve seen some of the most malicious attacks on American infrastructure ever executed. The SolarWinds attack reverberated across the entire government as agencies scrambled to discover what nation-state attackers had accessed and stolen. The Colonial Pipeline, shut down by a ransomware attack, led to fuel shortages and higher gas prices. A ransomware attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat processor, could disrupt meat markets.


We’re at a tipping point in security. Nation-state attacks have doubled in the past three years, growing more aggressive in their targets and impact. The severity of attacks is drawing action from the federal government and enforcement of existing cybersecurity standards, drawing new attention to the need for frameworks like CMMC.


What does this escalation in nation-state attacks mean for national security and the defense industrial base? Retired Brigadier General Dr. Robert Spalding returns to CMMC Con 2021 to share his perspective on the latest attacks and their reverberations.


One of the most enjoyed speakers at the inaugural CMMC Con, Dr. Spalding has served in senior positions of strategy and diplomacy within the Defense and State Departments for more than 26 years. He was the Senior Director for Strategy to the President at the National Security Council and the chief architect for the current widely praised National Security Strategy.


A skilled combat leader and a seasoned diplomat, Dr. Spalding has written extensively on national security matters in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Foreign Affairs, The American Interest, War on the Rocks, FedTech Magazine, Defense One, The Diplomat, and other edited volumes. His Air Power Journal article on America’s Two Air Forces is frequently used in the West Point curriculum.


Dr. Spalding is a Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has lectured globally, including engagements at the Naval War College, National Defense University, Air War College, Columbia University, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and other Professional Military Educational institutions.


Register for CMMC Con 2021 now to see Dr. Spalding’s keynote and learn more about how to navigate the rapidly shifting future of cybersecurity compliance.

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