24/7 Operational Security & Compliance

The Challenge

You can’t spend your way to a secure, compliant infrastructure.

Talent is scarce, difficult to retain, and marketing companies disguised as product vendors will sell you anything you are willing to buy.

The solution to these challenges is a partnership with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that can deliver 24x7x365 security coverage backed with in-depth operational and compliance security expertise specific to your business.

The Solution

MSSP with Integrated 24/7 Operational Security & Compliance

In highly regulated industries like Healthcare, Financial Services and Defense Contracting regulatory compliance is fundamental to your ability to win business and retain customer trust. As your MSSP CyberSheath brings expert-level, hands-on experience in delivering on these regulatory requirements and the technology required to defend your business from advanced threats. Beyond technology, SIEM, VM, IR, etc., CyberSheath enables documented, automated, and auditable compliance.



Business Benefit

Our certified experts have delivered for some of the largest financial, defense, healthcare, and technology companies in the world.  By leveraging our experience to your business requirements, you will save time and money while becoming secure and compliant. The benefits of partnering with CyberSheath as your MSSP include:

  • Centralized 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities
  • SIEM, Network IDS, Host IDS, File Integrity Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment and more
  • Real-time Security Intelligence including correlation directives, IDS signatures, NIDS signatures, and Asset fingerprints 
  • A full suite of compliance reporting including HIPAA, NIST 800-171, SOC 2 GDPR, and PCI DSS

Align Compliance with Operational Security

  • Compliance reporting for HIPAA, NIST 800-171, SOC 2 GDPR, and PCI DSS.
  • Align compliance requirements with day to day operations.
  • Operationally compliant monitoring and logging, incident response, vulnerability management, and periodic scanning.
  • Enable a more secure and fully compliant infrastructure.

Manage Costs

  • Predictable subscription-based pricing that delivers service you can measure.
  • Measure MSSP value with Service Level Objectives and monthly vendor performance reviews.
  • Lower capital investment with managed, predictable operational expenses.

Continuity, Consistency & Exceptional Service

  • Eliminate staffing shortages, bidding wars and retention issues.
  • CyberSheath delivers consistent, documented and repeatable security services so you can focus on other business priorities.

Detect Ransomware

  • Detect ransomware and other variants of malware and be notified within minutes of detection, limiting the ability for a widespread outbreak.
  • Leverage CyberSheath remediation services to reclaim your data and return your business back to normal operations.

Tailored to Your Requirements

CyberSheath works with you to create tailored operational capabilities best suited to defend and protect your organization based on decades of experience. It’s our job to deliver services that meet your unique compliance and day-to-day operational requirements.