Privileged Account Management

The Challenge

Implementing CyberArk with Ease

CyberArk is the only cybersecurity company focused on removing targeted cyber threats that make their way inside — undetected — to attack the heart of your business. In addition to meeting your compliance obligations, companies of all sizes today face an unprecedented number of cyber-attacks on their networks from organized, patient, and well-funded groups targeting specific information. Advanced, targeted attacks follow a common, multi-stage approach to breaching defenses, gathering and exfiltrating critical data.  CyberSheath provides CyberArk Professional Services for your privileged accounts, enabling compliance with a variety of requirements for commercial and federal entities.

The Solution

Partnering with CyberSheath to Implement CyberArk

Investing in CyberArk product and CyberSheath’s unique CyberArk service offerings advance your ability to meet your compliance requirements, improve your day-to-day cybersecurity operations, and protect against the exploitation of privileged accounts, a key tactic in each phase of the APT’s methodology.

CyberSheath uniquely delivers CyberArk Professional Services that align your day-to-day operational activities with your compliance requirements. This approach transforms your audit and compliance activities from separate, one-off projects to integrated, holistic processes that ensure compliance is a natural outcome of your daily operations. 

Business Benefit

CyberSheath provides CyberArk Professional Services for your privileged accounts that enable compliance with a variety of requirements for commercial and federal entities including:

  • ISO/IEC 27002
  • Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
  • DFARS – NIST 800-171
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

CyberSheath can help you with all your CyberArk Professional Services needs including:

  • Privileged Password Management and Control
  • SSH Key Security and Management
  • Session Monitoring and Recording
  • Session Isolation and Access Control
  • Least Privileges Enforcement
  • Application Credential Security
  • Analytics and Threat Detection

In addition to being CyberArk Certified Delivery Engineer’s (CCDE’s) CyberSheath’s professional services team have the real-world, hands-on experience across many verticals including financial services, utility, insurance, aerospace and defense and more. Our engineers have worked in large enterprises delivering solutions and understand the real-world constraints of budget and bureaucracy that every customer must work within. This understanding drives practical deliverables-based engagements that measurably advance your cybersecurity program.