Why GRC Platforms are Key for the Future of Cybersecurity

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, one component remains both dynamic and widespread, risk itself. The flu virus, much like risk itself, is ever-mutating and adapting to new environments and we as human beings are consistently trying to defend ourselves against it by getting our flu shot every year, washing our hands frequently, and trying the latest new prevention trends like Emergen-C and clean eating. Yet despite some of our best efforts, we often become infected with this virus year after year. Similarly, many organizations put their faith in the “latest and greatest” next-generation firewall or anti-malware software, their margin of risk is only slightly narrowed – why?  As defense technologies perpetually adapt to new environments, attackers are doing the exact same thing with their arsenal. Just because we got our flu shot and maintained good hygiene, we were still impacted by the virus. Organizations face attacks on a daily basis no matter what method of prevention they employ.

However, in the case of cybersecurity, knowledge is power. In this day and age, businesses are growing at rapid rates and sometimes are unable to track their risk management as needed. The most efficient way to reduce risk and monitor performance is the ability to track and identify critical assets business processes and to ensure compliance regulations are being met. Maintaining an effective GRC program entails a strong platform on which tools are in place to automatically protect, detect, and respond to security events quickly and proficiently. Additionally, they map all sectors of business together in order to paint a better picture of the risk an organization is facing. Through the use of real-time dashboards and reports, organizations are provided with enhanced user experience and improved visibility of risk activity amongst business unit managers.

Here at CyberSheath we promote both healthy lifestyles and streamlined risk and compliance management, though we may not be able to tell you exactly how to avoid the flu next fall, we can definitely help protect your company and its assets via professional GRC services and consulting. The next string of security incidents are just around the corner, don’t let your assets remain unprotected!