Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

The Challenge

An integrated view of all information security activities that enable you to reduce risk, demonstrate business value, and optimize your people, processes, and technology.

We are committed to helping your organization utilize your GRC solution to its fullest potential. We have numerous certified GRC specialists with extensive backgrounds in Incident Response, Compliance, Policy, Risk, Business Continuity, and Vendor Management. With deep technical expertise and intimate knowledge of eGRC platforms, our certified consultants are uniquely qualified to build and tailor GRC solutions that fully meet your business needs.

The Solution

CyberSheath will help your organization maximize the efficiency of processes that connect operational tasks with strategic objectives. We enable effective management of your entire security program with your GRC solution; measurably decreasing risk and showcasing the value of a mature security program to your company’s executive management.

Business Benefit

Our approach consolidates resources under a single umbrella, refocusing them to monitor your entire business.  We will energize your GRC activities so they’re not just reactive but can anticipate and prevent risk in support of strategic business goals.

Benefits of CyberSheath Governance, Risk and Compliance include:

  • Governance
    Transform your security and IT organizations from tactical firefighters to strategic business partners by eliminating redundancies, measuring resources in alignment with risks, and decreasing the burden of constant audits on the business.
  • Risk
    Assess your risk profile at the enterprise or business unit level, optimize the relationship between risk and compliance and create an automated, documented, and repeatable risk management program.
  • Compliance
    Efficiently meet all your regulatory compliance requirements leveraging automation and tailored reporting and dashboards to easily monitor and demonstrate compliance posture in real time.
  • GRC Technology
    Integrate existing technology platforms and investments into your GRC portfolio to create a force multiplier when coordinating and reporting risk and compliance throughout the business.