Strategic Security Planning

The Challenge

Plan, build, and manage a strategic information security organization that enables your business.

CyberSheath works with security organizations to establish an effective and formal process to conduct strategic planning. Our operational strategy and budgeting plans aggressively drive security organizations towards pursuing higher levels of performance, focused on areas that are most important to meet and exceed your business requirements.

The Solution

CyberSheath Strategic Security Planning Process

Our Strategic Security Planning process facilitates the complete engagement of your security staff.   This process provides staff members with the understanding of how their work impacts the mission and vision of your business as well as provides the strategic framework that helps to align strategy and operations. It aids in the integration of various process improvement tools and techniques as well as ensuring that investments and initiatives throughout your organization are coordinated and effective.  Our methodology allows you to align with and contribute to business objectives in a way that measures risk in terms the business can understand.

Business Benefit

CyberSheath Strategic Security Planning

The CyberSheath Strategic Security Planning process sets one to three-year targets for strategic objectives that enable the business.

Your strategic security planning may include:

  • Business Analysis and Strategy Development
    Learn how to gather and analyze available data and security metrics, develop a strategy, strategic objectives, and the initiatives to achieve your goals.
  • Strategy Deployment
    Develop action plans, cascade objectives and initiatives throughout the organization and communicate strategic objectives and initiatives to the business.
  • Implementation and Execution
    Action plans are implemented, and strategic planning process status reviews are conducted.
  • Strategic Planning Process and Evaluation and Improvement
    Annual evaluation and improvement of the strategic planning process.
  • Merger, Acquisition (M&A) and Integration
    M&A integration projects are the opportunity to make requirements-driven technology investments that enable the business and reduce operating costs. Learn More