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How We Structure Our CMMC Managed Services to Support You

As a member of the defense industrial base, chances are your company has never worked with a managed service provider before, and, consequently, you don’t know what to expect. At CyberSheath, we make it simple to engage with us by clearly outlining where your responsibilities end and ours begin.

We view CMMC and NIST compliance as being comprised of three puzzle pieces.

  • IT which includes patching and asset inventory
  • Security which is incident response, vulnerability management, and logging
  • Regulatory which is your policies, system security plan (SSP), and plans of actions and milestones (POAMs)

Keep in mind this construct is the same for everybody regardless if you are a small metal fabrication shop or Lockheed Martin. Our service brings those three puzzle pieces together, helping you achieve and maintain compliance with the 110 required controls.


The CyberSheath approach

In order to help you navigate the complexities of compliance, we have created a structure where you are assigned a pod based on size, geography, and your needs. Each pod includes a customer success manager (CSM), who acts as the single point of contact, streamlining communication and simplifying task management.

Behind each CSM, is their pod, representing the puzzle pieces mentioned above and bringing IT, cybersecurity, and regulatory skills to the table. Each pod includes dedicated IT specialists, cybersecurity engineers, and skilled compliance analysts. The pod approach builds customer intimacy as it’s a dedicated group that works with your infrastructure, people, processes, and technologies day in and day out.

Pods provide elasticity to handle change and evolve with you. This structure also delivers flexibility to support vacation schedules, handle utilization issues, and serve your needs as we manage and upgrade our systems. At CyberSheath, we are a unified team, learning together, sharing knowledge, and making sure your needs are met.


The best of both worlds

The elastic structure and flowing knowledge of our pod approach delivers a better customer experience. You get continuity in your point of contact and scalability when you need to stretch from an expertise perspective. CMMC is incredibly complicated to understand, let alone to implement. We structure things in a way to make it easy for you. For a fixed price every month, your company gets everything it needs to achieve and maintain compliance. Learn more about our CMMC Managed Services.

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