An integrated approach to outsourced managed security services

We approach our Managed Security Services offering as an extension of your security operations, enabling 24/7/365 Security Operations Center support and regulatory compliance. These services integrate with your existing people, processes and technology, creating a force multiplier to achieve cybersecurity compliance without the tremendous investment required to build the capability internally.

Instead of investing in the headcount, outsourcing key services to CyberSheath as an extension of your existing operations has a number of advantages, including:

  • Consistent, known and manageable costs with excellent return on investment
  • Ability to leverage innovations and stay in front of the technology curve
  • Improved security and peace of mind knowing experts are proactively handling issues
  • Increased capacity for internal team members to focus on core strategic projects

Leveraging Microsoft Sentinel and Rapid7 for faster, more secure and more cost-effective performance

Our Managed Security Services approach leverages proven Microsoft Sentinel and Rapid7 technologies to enable less expensive, faster and more effective managed security services, tailored to deliver five essential security capabilities in one platform:

  • Asset Discovery Know who and what is connected to your environment at all times
  • Vulnerability Assessment Find and remediate your vulnerabilities before an exploit or intrusion
  • Intrusion Detection Be alerted to suspicious activities that may indicate an intrusion in your environment
  • Behavioral Monitoring Identify anomalous or suspicious behaviors in your environment
  • SIEM and Log Management Correlate and analyze event data from across your environment

Delivering on the “service” part of MSSP is what differentiates CyberSheath. Whether you’re in the midst of an audit, deploying a new technology or just wanting to run something by an expert before briefing your boss, your CyberSheath technical account executive is always available to help.

Every solution begins with a conversation.

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of CMMC 2.0 compliance, what's required, what you may need and what we can do to provide it. We've helped hundreds of DOD contractors. We can help you.