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You spend money every year on mandatory compliance audits, attesting to the security of your company’s networks and your team’s ability to protect your intellectual property and your customer and partner data. Do these pieces of paper that you pass to the auditors actually mean you’re secure? No, they don’t. Is it reasonable to expect they should? You should demand it.

CyberSheath integrates your compliance and threat mitigation efforts and eliminates redundant security practices that don’t improve and in fact, may weaken your security posture. Our professionals tell you where to stop spending, where to invest, and how to take what you are already doing and integrate it in a way that delivers improved security. We can do it for you, with you, or simply provide the expertise you need when you need it. The cybersecurity market is crowded and filled with promises and aspirational sales fodder that won’t improve your security posture. How do you decide where to spend your profits and more importantly, how to measure the results when you do?


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