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Introducing our Third-Party Compliance Management Service

Our comprehensive offering is specifically designed for the procurement functions of defense contractors. With a cadenced process delivered by a team of compliance analysts and assessors, we provide support and enable:

  1. Continuous compliance engagement: Our service is built on a foundation of ongoing engagement, where our specialists collaborate with your procurement team to regularly review and manage the compliance landscape of contracts influenced by DFARS, CMMC, and NIST 800-171 standards.
  2. Third-party inventory management: Across the span of our multi-year collaboration, we maintain and update a detailed inventory of all third parties, ensuring a living document that reflects the dynamic nature of your supply chain.
  3. Dynamic clause flow-down: Our experts continuously ensure that the DFARS clause is correctly flowed down to all relevant third parties, providing an up-to-date compliance framework that adapts to changes within your supply chain.
  4. Annual categorization and audit planning: Each year, we categorize third parties using a robust framework to highlight those of critical importance, planning for detailed audits that align with your evolving business needs.
  5. Ongoing monitoring and compliance assurance: Our service includes regular audits of critical third parties, alongside proactive monitoring for changes that could impact compliance, reinforcing a state of continual readiness.

Our Third-Party Compliance Management Service goes beyond traditional, point-in-time compliance checks, embedding within your procurement operations and fostering a culture of sophisticated risk management. By ensuring an active presence throughout the entire supply chain, we safeguard your DOD contracts and your operational integrity.

Proactive, process-driven partnership

Tailored for longevity and adaptation

Defense contracting demands agility and foresight. Our service is structured to adapt to regulatory shifts, guaranteeing that your compliance efforts are never behind the curve. We provide peace of mind over the course of our engagement, allowing you to focus on strategic objectives with the assurance of compliance continuity.

CyberSheath: Your assurance of sustained compliance

With our Third-Party Compliance Management Service, we're not just checking boxes; we're building lasting compliance infrastructure. Join us in redefining the standard for supply chain risk management and secure the future of your defense contracts.

Every solution begins with a conversation.

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