HITRUST Assessment

The Challenge

Simplifying, documenting, and consolidating compliance requirements with HITRUST CSF

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) was developed to address the security, privacy and regulatory challenges facing healthcare organizations. It brings together federal and state regulations, like HIPAA and NIST, with international standards, like ISO, to create a single, comprehensive set of baseline security controls.

The Solution

HITRUST brings nationally and globally recognized regulations together under one simplified framework, aiming to normalize cybersecurity best practice in day-to-day operations. This reflects CyberSheath’s own approach to cybersecurity — Measure Once, Comply Many™ — which was developed to make regulatory compliance a natural outcome of proactive, risk-conscious security practices.

By leveraging both a risk- and compliance-based approach, the HITRUST CSF allows your organization to take a flexible, scalable and adaptable approach to your unique cybersecurity challenges. Security baselines can be tailored to an organization’s size, type, systems, vulnerabilities, and regulatory requirements.

Business Benefit

CyberSheath’s HITRUST CSF assessment reviews your organization’s existing information security program and safeguards to identify opportunities for improvement. Benefits include:

  • Alignment and mapping to globally recognized standards, regulations and business requirements, including ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA and State laws.
  • Scaleable controls according to organization type, size and complexity.
  • Prescriptive requirements to ensure clarity.
  • Flexibility according to specific risk tolerance.
  • The option to adopt alternate controls when necessary.
  • Incorporation of user input and industry/regulatory changes on an annual basis.
  • An industry-wide approach for managing Business Associate compliance.


Implementing the HITRUST CSF

As with most security frameworks, there are several paths available to businesses looking to comply with the HITRUST CSF, including: 

  • Self-assessment
  • Validated assessment
  • Certified assessment
  • Existing framework + HITRUST


Which path should you choose for HITRUST compliance?

This depends on your particular organization’s needs, vulnerabilities and resources, but a professional assessment is usually the safest and most cost-effective option. CyberSheath can work with your organization to define the most efficient path towards a Measure Once, Comply Many™ security posture, enabling you to allocate more resources to actual defense.