Andy Shooman

Chief Operating Officer


Andy Shooman has more than 30 years of Information Technology and business management experience and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at CyberSheath International, LLC (CyberSheath).  Andy focuses on assisting clients with business transformation, strategy and cost savings/optimization across IT platforms and IT Security.  In addition to expertise in these areas, Andy is able to leverage his knowledge and experience combined with his strong negotiation skills to assist with enterprise-wide procurement and sourcing strategies.

Prior to joining CyberSheath, Andy held various positions in BAE Systems including VP IT Operations, VP of IT Systems Engineering & Integration and ESS-IT Chief Technology Officer.  Prior to his positions with BAE Systems, he served as Senior Vice President for Global IT Operations at American International Group in Livingston, NJ.

Andy also has over 10 years of commercial and federal IT outsourcing experience with CSC where he has assisted customers such as General Dynamics, JP Morgan, United Technologies Corp, DuPont and BAE Systems (US/UK) with IT Delivery and transformational activities.  His history includes operating at a multi-national level having worked in Europe, the United States, and Australia throughout his career.