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A Patch in Time Saves Nine

While it might not be the most interesting aspect in your cybersecurity planning, it is critically important to make sure your systems are up to date with the latest patches from all of your technology solution providers. This seemingly simple task can quickly become complex when you consider all the various systems that need to be updated–but ensuring your infrastructure is current helps stop security breaches from happening.


There’s an old saying that a stitch in time saves nine. The message delivered in this adage is applicable to patch management, where the time and resources you spend maintaining your systems will save aggravation and much worse down the road if you continue to operate with outdated systems.


Why you need patch management services

A patch fixes a potential vulnerability. Sometimes these updates are new features that aren’t related to security but are meant to address deficiencies. Keep in mind that any time you’re installing a patch, a bug is getting fixed.


Not proactively managing solution patches is the number one issue we see across our client base. Often companies struggle with patching their systems in a timely manner, much like we all do. (If your Google Chrome is updated right now – congratulations. Something as simple as not wanting to reboot and losing project time can impact individuals updating systems.)


Enterprises especially struggle with third-party patching, which can lead to critical vulnerabilities. IT teams are very busy with other projects and, consequently, figuring out third party patches for tools like Adobe, Oracle, etc., can be a huge challenge.


How CyberSheath can help

To illustrate the importance of keeping your systems up to date, think for a moment about your house. You might be investing in new windows and better siding, but if you leave the crack in your back sliding door, you are potentially exposing your home to the elements. It’s easy to see that protecting your home–and your computer–means having a holistic plan for managing updates and minimizing vulnerabilities.


Our patch management service is an extension of our vulnerability management service, and is built around helping companies be able to patch their systems before they are exploited by bad actors.


At the outset of an engagement, we perform vulnerability scanning using a tool called Tenable IO. We can then share those reports with our internal IT resources. Using ConnectWise on the client’s desktops, we automate the packages to knock down those vulnerabilities. On a monthly cadence, desktops and servers are scanned, validated, and updated.


Protect your company, partners, and customers

With the defense industrial base, when you allow for vulnerabilities, you are opening up your organization–and those you are servicing–to risks. Hackers target smaller companies that often do not have the bandwidth to actively manage their system patches. These bad actors then wait, work themselves up the food chain, and get into bigger organizations.


At CyberSheath, we’re a one-stop shop, meet-you-where-you-are company with skilled security and IT teams that can help. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your patch management needs.


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