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Eric Noonan - CyberSheath CEO

“The government has shown a clear-eyed commitment to enforcing cybersecurity mandatory minimums and that is why we created the Federal Enclave...We’ve made it cost effective for federal contractors to comply with requirements like CMMC and NIST 800-171.”

- Eric Noonan, CyberSheath CEO

Challenge facing contractors

The DOD was the first Federal entity to roll out mandatory minimums for cybersecurity with CMMC in 2020, and recently released a simplified, updated version with CMMC 2.0, and it’s expected that all federal agencies will eventually require cybersecurity for federal contractors.

“Cybersecurity compliance requirements for federal contractors are increasing rapidly, and the complexity and cost is beyond the reach of many contractors,” said Eric Noonan, CEO of CyberSheath.

Solution designed to reduce complexity and cost

CyberSheath's Federal Enclave solution provides all federal contractors with a cost-effective, scalable solution to meet cybersecurity requirements across security, IT, and compliance. Federal Enclave is both a common-sense approach to protecting data amid ever-increasing cybersecurity requirements and the most comprehensive Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) compliant enclave. It ensures users that handle sensitive data always have secure access to an out-of-the-box compliant environment, secured and managed by CyberSheath.

During this webinar, you will learn:

Key elements of the service

  • Fixed prices and no hidden fees
  • First-ever CMMC Compliance-as-a-Service “dashboard cockpit” arms customers with information about current compliance status, security threat landscape and incident levels, and supply chain assessment
  • Options for facilitated self-attestation

Where do you go from here

CyberSheath has helped more than 500 clients discover their compliance starting point and roadmap. Learn how Federal Enclave simplifies adherence to the difficult cybersecurity business requirements and puts CyberSheath in your corner to ensure compliance.

A headshot of a speaker for CMMC Con

Carl Herberger

CyberSheath VP of Security Services

Carl Herberger is responsible for the general management, go-to-market strategies, service delivery, and day-to-day operational excellence of the company’s CMMC Compliance-as-a-Service business line. Mr. Herberger is the recipient of the ”Technology Executive of the Year” award from Industry Era Magazine (2019) and considered a foremost expert on cybersecurity threats and solutions. Before joining Cybersheath, Carl was the COO of Kivu Consulting where he lead the day-to-day operations of a $30M+ cybersecurity company focused on servicing the cyber-insurance industry.

A headshot of Brett Powers

Brett Powers

CyberSheath VP of Cyber Operations

Brett Powers has overall responsibility for the managed services products offered by the CyberSheath. He brings experience and a wide range of expertise involving information security program management, compliance and risk assessments, incident response, and infrastructure and cloud security reviews. He has interfaced with clients in a multitude of verticals including healthcare, government, financial, education, and manufacturing industries. Prior to joining CyberSheath, Brett worked in several roles with Managed Services organizations advising customers across the United States and Canada on building and managing Security Operations Centers. Brett earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and History from Syracuse University. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and also holds a Cisco CCIE Data Center Certification.

Next Steps:

The defense contractor's training readies prime and sub-contractors for the complexities and challenges of meeting the DOD regulatory requirements. Prepare for DFARs and CMMC compliance by accessing the training today.

Join us for CMMC CON 2024 on Sept. 25, 2024, at 9am EST for a free, virtual, one-day conference focused on safeguarding against cyber threats.
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