Mastering CUI Boundaries

A Comprehensive Guide to Scoping, SPRS Input and Audit Navigation


29 MAY 2024


9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET


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Don’t miss our exclusive webinar on mastering Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) boundaries. In today's digital landscape, protecting sensitive information is paramount, especially for organizations handling federal contracts. Join us for an in-depth exploration of scoping out your CUI boundary, effectively inputting your results into the Supplier Performance Requirements System (SPRS) and navigating the audit process. Here's what you can expect to learn:

    • Understanding CUI Boundaries:
      • Defining Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).
      • Recognizing the importance of scoping out your CUI boundary.
      • Identifying potential challenges and pitfalls.
    • Scoping Out Your CUI Boundary:
        • Assessing your corporate infrastructure.
        • Determining what falls within the CUI boundary.
        • Strategies for ensuring comprehensive coverage.
      • Inputting Results into SPRS:
        • Navigating the SPRS interface.
        • Step-by-step guide to entering results.
      • Navigating the Audit Process:
        • Preparing for a DIBCAC audit.
        • Common audit challenges and how to overcome them.
        • Best practices for ensuring compliance.

Why Attend?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of CUI boundaries and their significance in compliance.
  • Learn practical strategies for scoping out your CUI boundary accurately and efficiently.
  • Master the process of inputting your results into SPRS for seamless compliance reporting.
  • Navigate the audit process with confidence, armed with essential tips and best practices.

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Casey Lang, VP of Compliance

Casey Lang

CyberSheath VP of Compliance

Casey Lang has over ten years of experience in cybersecurity, business resilience, and information technology from various roles in industries such as defense, healthcare, and retail. He has expertise in CMMC compliance, security program development and assessment, and has extensive experience in strategically planning security and business continuity programs based upon internationally recognized standards of practice from NIST, ISO, FISMA, and the PCI-SSC.

Andrew Zoppi CyberSheath Director of Compliance Operations

Andrew Zoppi

CyberSheath Director of Compliance Operations

Andrew Zoppi has over 12 years of experience in cybersecurity, information technology, and cyber innovations, holding various positions in the Department of Defense, academia, and consulting firms. He has extensive expertise in serving as a trusted advisor to leadership and stakeholders in designing a security program that complies with regulations.

Join our May 29th 12 pm ET webinar Mastering CUI Boundaries: A Comprehensive Guide to Scoping, SPRS Input and Audit Navigation.
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