Technical Assessment


Protect Your Organization from Malicious Attack

There are two types of organizations, those that know they have been hacked and those who don’t know. Often companies do not know what to test, and as a result, only address security issues of high-risk networks. Anything that handles company data – such as web and mobile applications, and wireless devices – should be evaluated.

Also organizations that have been breached almost always have reams of successful compliance audits leading up to the incident. Closing the gap between compliance and operational security has never been more critical.


Discover Your Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

CyberSheath Technical Assessment offerings marry your compliance requirements with operational security and produce results that improve your security posture.

It is vitally important to do more than identity threats. At CyberSheath, we go well beyond the one-off penetration test of other limited technical assessments. Our approach provides you with the tasks needed to eliminate security dangers and vulnerabilities.

We offer a full complement of technical assessment services to provide all the information your organization requires to safeguard itself from cyberattack and be compliant with various DoD mandates.

Business Benefit

Technical Assessment Components

We provide these services to secure your operations and close existing gaps in coverage.

  • Configuration Security Testing – Assess, report, monitor, and remediate security-related configuration issues based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks. Leverage the latest out-of-the-box CIS benchmark releases of operating systems, databases, applications, and network devices to ensure that you are making yourself the hardest target possible at every level of your infrastructure.
  • Vulnerability Testing – Identify the vulnerabilities that need attention with fast, accurate scanning, and clear direction on closing the gaps quickly.
  • Penetration Testing – Conduct a variety of penetration tests to determine how hackers can infiltrate your organization’s IT infrastructure. Tests can include:
    • White and black box pen tests – By providing the tester who is role-playing as a hacker little or no information, we can determine different paths into your systems.
    • Double-blind pen test – This approach makes our pen testing a covert affair to most people at the client organization. It provides valuable insight into how your internal IT department responds to an attack.
    • Internal and external pen tests – We test your company’s technology inside and out, including within your firewall and internal network, as well as your website and external network servers.
  • Incident Response – Are you ready for an incident? Are you confident that your team will follow your IR plan and adapt accordingly? An incident response tabletop exercise is an excellent way to answer these questions in training so that you get it right when it matters most.