Technology Spotlight: KnowBe4

At CyberSheath, we leverage the expertise of top-tier technology providers to tailor solutions that align with your business needs. Among our esteemed partners is KnowBe4, acclaimed as the creator of the largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform in […]

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An open envelope with three fish hooks falling out on top of another envelope with the '@' symbol

4 Steps to Protect Your Business from Spear Phishing

You may have heard of phishing, which is the practice of sending fraudulent texts or emails that appear to come from a legitimate source, with the intention of encouraging the recipient to provide personal information.

Businesses have been struggling to protect their networks from phishing, and with attacks up 65% in the past year, it seems the fight is far from over. To make matters worse, a more sophisticated and destructive offshoot of phishing has recently emerged — spear phishing.

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