Technology Spotlight: KnowBe4

At CyberSheath, we leverage the expertise of top-tier technology providers to tailor solutions that align with your business needs. Among our esteemed partners is KnowBe4, acclaimed as the creator of the largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform in the world. Their innovative tools are trusted and utilized by over 50,000 organizations globally.

KnowBe4’s offerings are vital in reinforcing the foundation of a secure business environment. They play a pivotal role in supporting efforts to comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), offering comprehensive solutions that include thorough auditing, impactful training, and more. While ticking off compliance requirements is crucial, the emphasis on robust security practices is what truly safeguards businesses against cyber threats.

A standout feature of KnowBe4 is the invaluable contribution of their Chief Hacking Officer, Kevin Mitnick. His reputation as the world’s most infamous hacker, combined with his unique expertise, greatly enhances their product development. Alongside CEO Stu Sjouwerman, Mitnick focused on creating tools that address critical issues like social engineering, with offerings that range from email phishing simulations and security awareness training to policy dissemination and approval mechanisms. Their expertise and innovative solutions are indispensable in the fight against cyber threats.

How we use these tools to help clients

Our intent with implementing these capabilities for our clients is to deliver automated processes that provide ease-of-use and take the planning off their hands.

Email Phishing Simulation

During the first quarter of 2023, the CyberSheath Security Operations Center (SOC) witnessed a staggering 300% surge in sophisticated email attacks by identified threat groups, with the defense industrial base being a prime target.

The key to fortifying organizations against these threats lies in ensuring that employees are adept at managing suspicious emails, including spam and spear-phishing attempts. To achieve this, our team at CyberSheath utilizes the advanced KnowBe4 phishing simulation platform. This innovative tool automates the process of training employees, equipping them to effectively handle harmful communications that could otherwise have dire consequences.

Our comprehensive approach extends from the induction of new staff to ongoing training sessions, tailoring content to meet the specific needs of your organization. The simulations are meticulously designed to track various actions: whether the email was opened, links clicked, attachments accessed, macros enabled, or credentials entered. This data is instrumental in assessing the vulnerability of employees to phishing attacks within your organization.

More than just a training tool, phishing simulations provide invaluable lessons for employees in recognizing and evading potential cyber threats. By conducting controlled email tests, monitoring responses, and offering targeted training, we significantly reduce the likelihood of successful phishing attempts. This proactive training instills confidence in employees, empowering them to discern between malicious content and harmless communications.

Enhanced Security Awareness Training

Our Security Awareness Training, aligned with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements, is essential for ensuring that both end users and system administrators are thoroughly educated on the security risks associated with their roles. This includes understanding the potential heightened risks due to administrative privileges in various systems, or data sensitivity. The training extends beyond basic protocols, encompassing data handling and other specialized topics mandated by CMMC. We offer flexible training schedules tailored to different organizational needs and employee groups. Utilizing the KnowBe4 platform, this process is not only automated but also made auditable, relieving your team of the administrative burden.

Streamlined Policy Approval and Dissemination

The dissemination of company policies, ranging from security protocols to acceptable use guidelines, is crucial. With KnowBe4, we streamline this process. Once your company’s custom policies are uploaded to the platform and assigned to employees, they receive email notifications with links to review and accept the policies. To ensure thorough engagement, we can monitor the time spent on each page and even include comprehension tests. After reviewing the policies, employees provide their acknowledgment and signature. This tool offers a comprehensive, auditable record of all interactions, greatly assisting HR departments in small to mid-sized companies that may have limited internal resources.

The KnowBe4 toolkit is instrumental in fulfilling various compliance requirements and bolstering your overall security posture. By integrating these three tools – Security Awareness Training, Policy Approval and Dissemination, and Phishing Simulations – we offer a streamlined, efficient approach. This integration provides valuable training, automated processes, and detailed auditable reports, all contributing to a stronger, more secure and compliant organizational framework.

Contact us to learn more about how the security and compliance experts at CyberSheath can use these solutions to help your company.

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