CyberSheath: Your Cybersecurity Partner

Running a business is fraught with challenges–including delivering value to your customers, evolving with market demands, and staying up to date on compliance requirements. Allow your focus to remain on your customers and your core competency by offloading the cybersecurity issues to a proven partner.


CyberSheath just launched a new service that provides all federal contractors with a cost-effective, scalable solution to meet cybersecurity requirements across security, IT, and compliance. Our expert advice, honed delivery methods, and centralized support deliver quick return on investment.


Expand your market reach

To achieve rapid results and persistent compliance value, companies can rely on CyberSheath to speed their customer’s journey to DFARS cybersecurity compliance. As a participant in the new CyberSheath Partner Program, companies will be able to more easily identify and collaborate with the right partner to fill compliance gaps across a range of technology and industry solutions, such as managed CMMC governance, security solutions, and IT services.


Partners will also be able to take advantage of new centralized resources, including a recently developed partner portal and an enhanced CyberSheath website to support collaboration as we work to quickly and efficiently deliver solutions that drive impactful client outcomes.


Why you can trust CyberSheath

Our company is a pioneer and industry leader in the managed security service provider (MSSP) space. We are skilled experts who were involved in the first DOD cybersecurity initiative in 2008–and in every iteration since then. On average, clients realize an over 50% compliance improvement within 6 months of engaging with us. Here’s a snapshot of our credentials.


  • Hundreds of U.S. defense industrial base customers across manufacturing, engineering, and R&D environments
  • 6+ successful DOD audits of our services
  • 600+ NIST 800-171 assessments and implementations
  • 9+ years of NIST 800-171/DFARS/CMMC cybersecurity solutions 
  • Trusted Gold Microsoft partner
  • Registered Provider Organization with the CMMC Accreditation Board 


As your organization looks to identify, onboard, and collaborate with an experienced partner to speed the journey to DFARS cybersecurity compliance for both your company and your clients, consider CyberSheath. Learn more about the program or contact us to get started.


Join us March 27 at 12pm ET for Understanding CMMC 2.0: Maturity Levels, Implementation Use Cases and Costs a live webinar!
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