Federal Enclave: Differentiators and Use Cases

Once you understand what you need to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in federal contracts and key considerations for setting up an enclave, it’s time to get started with a solution that best serves your organization.


CyberSheath’s Federal Enclave can meet you at any point of your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) journey. Whether your architecture is an all-cloud environment or includes legacy infrastructure, Federal Enclave has a comprehensive feature set that will meet compliance requirements.


With CyberSheath’s Federal Enclave, you have multiple commitment levels based upon your functionality and user needs, and all the tools, licensing, and processes you’ll need in one low monthly price. Extensive conditional access control includes VPNs, endpoint detection and response, log aggregation, multi-factor authentication, private certificates and private domain services, a managed SIEM with SOC support, incident alerting and reporting, and a sophisticated data leak safeguard to detect CUI breaches or incidents.


Let’s take a look at the two levels to Federal Enclave, based on current customer uses and the need to share, collaborate, process, and interface with CUI. Keep in mind that CUI custodial data responsibility doesn’t need to flow actual CUI information in any business process, communications, or applications, but rather can allow for direct links to a protected, directed SharePoint.


Level 1: Data, Sharepoint, Collaboration Windows/Azure Virtual Desktop (option), Full Microsoft Office, OneDrive Storage Capability

This provides a cost-efficient, yet fully compliant option for small- and medium-sized contractors or those with few CUI users.

  • Small datasets and few CUI contracts
  • Generally operate at CMMC 2.0 Level 1/Level 2 and need to quickly become compliant for contracts can allow for Level 3 capabilities
  • Lots of transient workers, like contractors
  • Need to process CUI in Microsoft Office applications and store various documents outside of a shared teams environment.
  • Need to store in individual data files for private use
  • Need secure endpoint access to the enclave


Level 2: Third-Party / Private / Custom Application + Level 1 capabilities

  • All of the attributes in Level 1, plus the need to process CUI in third-party, private or custom applications
  • Micro segment CUI permissions
  • Need many virtual, private, CUI-specific contracts, segments, and customers set up without any interface between them


CyberSheath has helped more than 500 clients discover their compliance starting point and roadmap. Federal Enclave simplifies adherence to the difficult cybersecurity business requirements and puts CyberSheath in your corner to ensure compliance. Learn more about how Federal Enclave can support your organization by registering for CyberSheath’s webinar to launch Federal Enclave on Feb. 23.

Federal Enclave Webinar


CyberSheath’s exclusive Federal Enclave is a “born compliant,” cloud-based solution for full compliance that’s easier, faster and more economical.
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