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Shielding Endpoints to Help Secure Your IT Infrastructure

An important step to protecting your network is securing all your endpoints, including servers, individual workstations, and remote laptops. There are many ways these nodes can be inadvertently compromised, such as receiving malware delivered via email, plugging in a USB drive containing suspect files, or mistakenly downloading a malicious program from the internet.


When any of these things happen, a threat actor can install ransomware on one of your endpoints, lock it up, and encrypt critical files. This entity could potentially then contact you and request financial remuneration, perhaps in Bitcoin, in exchange for decrypting the information.


Factoring in the reality that nation state threat actors have ample reason to compromise the defense industrial base, safeguarding against this nefarious information gathering becomes even more important.


What endpoint detection response is and how it helps

Endpoint detection response allows for traditional signature-based antivirus protection where the tool identifies a bad program based on certain characteristics and then neutralizes that program before it causes harm.


Notably, this solution also guards against polymorphic, heuristic threats that can rapidly change in an effort to evade detection. Based on the behavior that these guest programs are taking, a robust endpoint detection response solution can discover these changes and block the malware from being a threat.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for complete endpoint security

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint allows your team to minimize the damage to your environment. It stops traditional and heuristic threats, and helps you gain visibility into potential malicious or anomalous behavior. In the event that malware is installed on an endpoint, Defender for Endpoint can also isolate a workstation before it becomes a malware host.


Since it is run in the cloud, scaling is fast. Built in AI detects the different types of behaviors using Microsoft threat intelligence. The tool works on Microsoft operating systems, as well as on Linux and Mac.


99.9% of the time the endpoint detection response technologies will detect and stop bad behavior. On the off chance that some sophisticated attack does get through, it is a good idea to have a 24/7 security operations center like CyberSheath’s to notice that behavior, isolate any impacted devices, and begin an investigation.


If your company already has licenses for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, reach out and we can help provision those licenses. If you have an existing subscription but no one is keeping an eye on what it is finding, we can help with configuration and with continuous monitoring of the solution. Contact us to learn more.

CyberSheath’s exclusive Federal Enclave is a “born compliant,” cloud-based solution for full compliance that’s easier, faster and more economical.
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