Why Managing Mobile Devices Is Important

As you work to create a more secure organization, it is critical that you have a mobile device management (MDM) solution to help you track and oversee your company’s cell phones, tablets, laptops—any device that can physically leave the walls of an office.


Customizable and extensive, MDM gives you the ability to manage mobile devices to meet standards and criteria satisfying compliance requirements or certifications. MDM can be used on BYOD electronics or corporate-owned devices.


Why companies people need MDM

MDM ensures that the devices that are connecting and storing company data have a good security posture. It allows you to enforce certain restrictions or criteria to make sure that a device that’s joining the organization meets a level of standards that you define. These standards could include having a PIN code or a password, making sure that the screen locks after inactivity, or making sure the device is encrypted.


MDM makes it easier for team members to bring their own personal devices and for your organization to enable a secure area or enclave for corporate data. It also provides IT administrators the ability to manage corporate sections of an employee’s BYOD. These days selective wiping has improved a great deal, making it easier to remove company data from devices when someone has left the company.


Implementing MDM is easy

The rollout of MDM takes place mostly behind the scenes. An organization can move at their own pace and take granular steps implementing the solution. When we work with a customer on MDM, we define a set of policies and settings that match whatever our customer is looking for, apply the settings, and onboard users. The process is relatively simple for the client and almost invisible to the end user.


CyberSheath is a security-conscious organization. Our approach to MDM is to work with the right tooling that satisfies your company’s compliance requirements. This allows us to implement the controls that satisfy mandates like CMMC, whereas not every MDM would be able to accomplish that lift. With MDM, especially if you are our customer, once you have your fleet of devices using the tool, that opens up even more doors for you to take further steps with security.


Bottomline: MDM serves as a solid foundation to go as deep as you want to go into security, helping you further protect your corporate data and your perimeter. Contact the experts at CyberSheath to get started on defining and implementing your MDM solution.

CyberSheath’s Federal Enclave: The Fast Track to CMMC Compliance. Checkout the Enclave Whitepaper to Learn More.
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