Cybersecurity in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)

The Puzzle You Can & Must Solve


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Threats like Volt Typhoon, PowerDrop, and nation-state plots highlight the importance of supply chain cybersecurity.

Contractors in the defense industrial base (DIB) understand the risk but haven’t implemented the necessary security controls, according to a study conducted by Merrill Research.  In this eBook for defense contractors, we reveal the Merrill Research data that shows where the DIB stands today in their compliance journey. But most importantly, why CMMC as a mandatory requirement for DOD revenue is imminent and how your business can prepare.

In this Comprehensive eBook, You'll Discover:

What's inside the eBook?

Why You Should Care About Cybersecurity

  • Attacks Are Global and Unrelenting
  • Federal Officials Are Demanding Action

The Solution for a More Secure DIB: CMMC

The State of CMMC in 2023

Is CMMC Compliance as Difficult, Time-Consuming and Expensive as It Seems?

What to Do Now

  • Five Steps for Solving the “Puzzle” of CMMC Compliance
  • Address CMMC Compliance with a Cost-effective,
    All-In-One Solution

CMMC is a Puzzle We Can Solve

Who is this eBook for?

Every defense contractor seeking a solution for CMMC compliance and the protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Cybersecurity has become a prerequisite for federal contracts, and anyone seeking to do business with the DOD needs a solution for CMMC or won’t be eligible for contract awards in the future. This eBook details the simple answer to a complex problem.

Next Steps:

Read the eBook to understand how your CMMC compliance efforts compare with the rest of the DIB. And, more importantly, how to solve your cybersecurity compliance problem cost-effectively and stay eligible for DOD contract awards.

Eric Noonan, CyberSheath CEO

“The government has done the hard work of creating CMMC and they are rapidly moving to the enforcement phase where compliance is mandatory for DOD contract awards. This year’s survey shows the DIB is desperate for a comprehensive CMMC compliance solution after making scant progress through internal, do it yourself efforts.”

- Eric Noonan, CyberSheath CEO

CyberSheath’s Federal Enclave: The Fast Track to CMMC Compliance. Checkout the Enclave Whitepaper to Learn More.
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