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All About Security Information and Event Management

Gaining visibility into what is happening at your company by tracking all the data moving through it sounds like an onerous task. That’s where a security information and event management (SIEM) solution can help.

A SIEM solution lets you aggregate information about systems and then make decisions based on that data. It provides a warehouse full of information that captures everything that your business does—every activity, every log, every movement to the virtual warehouse. You can select what data you want to know about to see what’s happening in your environment. A SIEM solution helps you sift through everything to find data that’s interesting to you.


SIEM components: Implementation and monitoring

The first step is selecting and implementing a SIEM tool. This is a relatively simple task. The more challenging activity is the 24/7 monitoring of that solution. Often major vulnerabilities occur at off-peak work times, either at night, on the weekend, or at the holidays. Threat actors take advantage of times when less eyes are on dashboards and in systems looking for suspicious activity and that’s when they tend to strike.

A SIEM solution should evolve with your needs and the threat landscape. CyberSheath uses Microsoft products and every few months more technologies are added to the SIEM solution to augment intelligence to the data that we’re examining. Once we analyze the logs and identify any triggers, escalation and remediation happen quickly. Within a minute, we start investigating the aberration. We move almost as fast as the threat within the environment to formulate a mitigation strategy.


Internal intelligence makes the system stronger

A robust SIEM solution requires a solid foundation, but it also needs customization to suit the unique demands of your company. To be ingested into the SIEM, all an application has to do is be able to generate some kind of activity log. As long as we have access to that data feed, we can collect it in real-time or near real-time, and develop a customization that defines what we need to watch, like out of the ordinary sign-ins.

Also, as a mature security operation center (SOC) provider, we’ve spent years processing all sorts of alerts. We know what to look for and we are constantly researching and developing better ways to identify threats.


We are there when and how you need us

We have customers that already have the tooling in place and want to know how they could be running things more effectively. We can step in and offer guidance.

We have the capability to keep an eye on things all day, every day, or whenever you need us to.

We can work when your teams are off the clock and provide SOC coverage 24/7, on weekends, overnight, and during holiday breaks. We can handoff back to your internal team each day providing cohesive, comprehensive coverage.


As you work to integrate a SIEM solution into your cybersecurity practices, consider working with a partner to help you monitor your alerts. With CyberSheath, our clients benefit from the knowledge we have gained working with large and small companies across the defense industrial base. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

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