CMMC CON 2023 - Strive to Thrive - Bob Schwendinger Announcement

Cloud Computing and Emerging Technologies: a Q&A with Arcfield CIO Bob Schwendinger

In the race to achieve compliance with regulations like Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0, leaders have turned to the cloud. There are mounting concerns about the security of cloud computing, leaving a balancing act with cloud benefits and digitalization initiatives. The same dynamic applies to artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies that are heavily marketed to business leaders.

What does that balancing act look like, and how should business leaders be considering these tools? Bob Schwendinger, Chief Information Officer at Arcfield, joins CMMC CON 2023 for a question and answer session with CyberSheath CEO Eric Noonan to discuss.

Schwendinger has a decorated history in the aerospace and defense industry, previously serving as Vice President of Engineering at Onclave Networks and Director of Enterprise Architecture at BAE Systems. His leadership in IT roles has included the need to collaborate with security teams. He’ll share his experience in getting teams to deliver compliance with security requirements using the cloud and emerging technologies, and how to report on progress with other stakeholders.

Register for CMMC CON 2023 to hear the interview and gain new insights into the tools available to make compliance easier and the workflows that enable those efforts.

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