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CMMCEnclave: Add Versatility with a More Flexible Approach

The enclave approach to CMMC compliance is one of the most cost effective and least disruptive ways to safeguard CUI. You can maintain high-value custodial security of CUI without upending your existing processes, procedures, and people. That way, you can maintain the proper level of CMMC compliance and remain eligible to win DOD contracts.

Remember that CMMC compliance is all or nothing — you’re either compliant or not. And if you’re not, you won’t be eligible to win any business from the DOD. So how you protect CUI is critical.

Depending on how you handle CUI and the CMMC level you must abide by, your enclave is going to need different functionality. Which is why you need a CMMC enclave with multiple use case commitment levels and a way to manage multiple levels of CMMC.

This kind of versatility can be found in CyberSheath’s CMMCEnclave, part of its CMMC Managed Services.

How CMMCEnclave Expands Your Versatility

Based on Microsoft Azure, CMMCEnclave limits organizational CUI data sprawl and drives role-based allowances to CUI. It delivers CMMC ML3 of 130 controls. It also establishes a technical program on how to deal with other CUI-custodial suppliers to your organization.

And it’s the first CMMC enclave with optional management of multiple levels of CMMC. Those options include:

ML1:  Within weeks, become compliant with CMMC ML1 over your entire infrastructure, using Azure SIEM Sentinel continuous security monitoring and aggregation, managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) and malware protection, and detection and incident response of managed devices.

ML2: At this level, CyberSheath provides an overall virtual security officer and an ongoing compliance program oversight and routine reporting. It includes Tenable vulnerability and secure configuration management, Windows Active Directory identity protection, and multi-factor authentication.

ML3: Quickly gain an ability to bid on CMMC ML3 contracts with our Cloud-Based Hosted Compliance offerings, which include virtual security officer compliance oversight and reporting. Maintain compliance with Azure Information Protection against data leakage, Microsoft Mobility and Device Security Management, secure VPN services, Azure CMMC workbooks, Azure CMMC and NIST blueprints, and Azure Security Center for secure workloads, role-based access control, and configuration and posture management.

ML4 and ML5: We maintain the rigorous program, technology, engineering, and implementation required for the most robust security standards. Get in touch to talk through our offerings at CMMC levels 4 and 5.

A CMMC Enclave that Meets You Where You Are

CyberSheath’s CMMCEnclave includes four different use-case commitment levels based on contractors’ functionality and business needs, including:

External CUI communication: In this case, a secure SharePoint enclave is sufficient. This option can be hosted in GCC high or commercial cloud, depending on whether data is subject to exit controls.

CyberCloud — Shared Service: For users who only access Office applications, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive, this option uses Active Directory Partitions and Windows Virtual Desktop to share desktops in line with CMMC data security standards.

CyberCloud — Hybrid Cloud: Designed for organizations that need an affordable cloud platform and use custom applications or file servers, this option segregates customers on private network segments with network security boundaries on top of Active Directory partitioning. It keeps desktops private and only accessible by a single company, with options for private application servers on a customer network segment.

CyberCloud — Private Cloud: Keep all components, including Active Directory, completely private, with all servers and desktops residing in your Microsoft Azure tenant. You can host any applications or files in your environment and can optionally connect the enclave to your corporate infrastructure.

A New Level of Versatility in CMMC Compliance

CyberSheath’s CMMCEnclave reduces complexity, future-proofs compliance, and lowers costs, both immediate and ongoing.

Learn more about CMMCEnclave and how CyberSheath’s CMMC Managed Services can help you quickly reach compliance with these complex new requirements.  Contact us to meet with a CyberSheath expert today to learn how we can help bring order to the chaos of achieving CMMC compliance.

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